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The Dalhousie MSA was established in the Fall of 2012, after which it was again re-established in 2019 due to periods of inactivity. Since then we have tried our best to serve the Muslim community on campus and have hosted many events such as Iftar Packages, BBQ Events and have also advocatede for Muslim rights on campus. Looking forward, we hope to serve the Ummah in the same way; may Allah help us continue to serve Islam.

  • Our Programs

  • Winter Orientation

    Winter 2021

    In this event, the students will get to know about the MSA as well as learn how life is for muslim students here in Halifax.

  • Quran Tafseer Halaqah

    Winter 2021

    These Halaqah takes place every mondays and fridays to get a better understanding of the quran.

  • Badminton/BasketBall

    Winter 2021

    These games sessions will be held during the weekends for the students to have fun and socialize with others.

  • Dal Helpers

    Fall and Winter 2021

    These are senior university students who would hold one-2-one sessions with junior students to help them out in their academics.

  • Back to School Party

    Fall 2021

    In this event, students got the chance to meet fellow muslim students in Halifax and make connections. We also hosted a BasketBall tournament to create enagagement.

  • Pop up Vaccination / Testing

    Fall 2021

    These are spots around the campus where students can easily get covid tested and get their vaccination.

  • Students' Trail & BBQ

    Fall 2021

    We hosted this event during the reading week so that the students can enjoy the outdoors with bbq and take a break from school.

  • Games Night

    Fall 2021

    Another fun event , where the students played different games including board games and enjoyed delicious snacks.

Our Featured Events

Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the Heavens will be merciful to you.

Our Team

PRESIDENT - Ashfaq Anaz

  1. VPI - Mahmud AlShodari

  2. VPE - Sabiha Khan

    1. Digital Coordinator

    2. P.R Coordinator

    3. Dawah Coordinator

    1. Charity Coordinator

    2. Events Coordinator

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